Photography Breaking the Wedding Budget?

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Photography Breaking the Wedding Budget?

Congratulations you happy couple, welcome to the wedding planning stage! You may be that eager planner who has already created your excel spread sheet, with comparison charts for each of your categories of costs; or you might have a posse of friends each with their skill set to bring on the day. Whoever you are – by now you are learning the average/industry costs of holy matrimony. And Holy Cha-ching.

MoneySmart is an organisation run by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to help people make smart choices about their personal finances. They have put together a report detailing some fascinating findings about wedding costs.

Average Australian wedding costs*

  • $18,683 – Food, alcohol & venue
  • $4,271 – Wedding clothes and accessories
  • $3,983 – Photography
  • $2,896 – Entertainment
  • $2,896 – Flowers and decorations
  • $941 – Ceremony
  • $2,534 – Other (cars, hair, makeup, accommodation, stationery)
  • $36,200 – Total cost

* IBISWorld, ‘IBISWorld Industry Report X002 Weddings in Australia’, April 2012

That’s right…$4 GRAND.

Wedding Photography, unlike the cake, will adorn your house, your grandmother’s house and every relative that attended your weddings mantel piece. Not to mention the spectacular of Facebook postings, Tweets and Instagraming of those prized picts. Without a doubt, wedding photography is very, very important. And quality does cost more. Better equipment costs more, experience costs more and the digital applications like Photoshop that will make you airbrushed and perfect… cost more. But $4,000?

This is where Southern Gold Coast Photography took a peek outside the box. Your photography will be enjoyed by everyone in your wedding party, and once purchased they will share it with their friends and their friend’s friends. Why not allow your wedding group to view all your photographs online, where they purchase the great photos of themselves?
Downloaded once, shared by all.

If everyone in your wedding party purchased one photo – and that photo could be downloaded by everyone, suddenly we remove that hefty up front cost, and distribute the overall cost out among those who would love nothing more than to place your wedding memory on their mantel piece.

Sounds like an interesting concept? Learn more about our pricing here.