The Man Behind The Curtain

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The Man Behind The Curtain

As an alumni from Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art with a BA in Design Studies,a partial BA in Photography, and certification in old school Pre-press Production from TAFE Brisbane, the owner and founder of Southern Gold Coast Photography has always been passionate for the science, art and theory behind photography.

“My uncle was into photography and one day came to visit and showed me pictures of him and his wife on a camel in Egypt. I thought that was just amazing. He gave me a few of his old books and a small dinky-donk red 35mm kids camera. That was it for me. I staged photo shoots with my dolls and was so very prideful of the reams and reams of photos of the back yard. My mother always asked why there were no people in my photos! The cost of all that development had me looking for employment the day I was allowed too – and I marched up to the local “Super Snaps” to ask for work. Working Thursdays and Saturdays I read all the manuals of the cameras they had in stock, and learned about chemistry and development. I took part-time classes on weekends and by the time I had finished high school, new the National Geographic offices were in Colorado USA and that was where I wanted to be.”

Though not Colorado, Southern Gold Coast Photography’s creator found work as a portrait photographer in the Whitsundays, and then traveled the world as a Photographer and later the Supervisor of Design & Digital Media for Carnival Cruise Lines. Returning back to Australia with a wealth of information across a broad range of areas, the trend in social media, and especially Instagram is what triggered the desire to start a company like Southern Gold Coast Photography.

“I began my career in film. Spending daylight hours in near pitch black trying to create a perfect image. I spend countless dollars on paper, film and equipment in a dream state to one day work for the greatest companies on the planet. In 2014 I took a photo of a Koala on my iPhone, and was picked up by the @Australia Instagram and Facebook accounts, circulating my image to millions of people with over 50K of them “liking” it. I was gobbed-smacked! How the game had changed.”

With a life long passion and a respect for the knowledge and dedication it takes to become a photographer, Southern Gold Coast Photography was born. A company that supports the brightest and most passionate students, and highlights the notion that photography is an art – and always will be. With expertise in design and website development, the business looked at how they could take the business a few steps forward.

“With the latest ASIC numbers pointing to a $4,000 average spend on Wedding Photography here in Australia, while I felt that number is aligned with the hours spent working on delivering a wedding package, there must be an alternative. This is where I put together the concept of pay-per photo and opening purchasing up to entire wedding parties to help distribute the large cost.”

Southern Gold Coast Photography is looking into 2015 with confidence that this new style of purchase will be favored by couples not only here in Australia but world wide. Visit the Client Demonstration Gallery to view the concept in action as well as read our FAQs to answer some more of your questions. It has been and will be an exciting year for us, and we hope that you join us and read more!