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Welcome To A New Way of Wedding Photography

Southern Gold Coast Photography is launching this year. Read more on our services and company information.

Coming Soon

2015 is an exciting year for Gold Coast photography and will bring the launch of Southern Gold Coast Photography online. Explore our site to learn more about our creative purchasing model and our high expectations on the art of photography. You can browse a demonstration gallery and even apply to become part of our team here on our site. Bookmark us to your favorites as we bring you updates and new photography over our start-up period.


Southern Gold Coast Photography supports the training and education of talented artists, and seeks only to employ qualified pupils or post graduates with a classic eye for composition and flare to capture a memory that clients will relish for a life time.


Hiring a wedding photographer can be nerve-racking not to mention expensive. We allow couples to book a photographer with only a small booking fee, and pay for their photographs on a per-photo once only basis after the wedding. Friends and relatives can purchase photographs through the online gallery, and once a photo is paid for, it is available to the entire wedding party at no additional cost.


With a pay per photo business model you will be ensured that our photographers will work their very hardest to make every photograph exceptional. Our team are professionals, and have dedicated their careers in pursuing this art. You are assured that this is nobodies side business.


With our new way of wedding photography, you the wedding couple can share the cost of your photographs with your friends and family, allowing you to concentrate on the many other wonderful moments to create on the day.

Got Questions?

Southern Gold Coast Photography would love to hear from you. If you have additional questions we will be happy to send you further information on our work and photographic team.