Canon 6D Takes a Test Spin

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Canon 6D Takes a Test Spin

Burleigh Beach Bubbles & Flowers

As with every professional photographic company, equipment is paramount. With the wi-fi feature, and full-frame build, the Canon 6D ticked our boxes as a great back-up camera unit. Don’t get us wrong, it does quite the job itself! With a good 50mm fixed lens at 1.4, we have a great on the run portrait kit.

With an overcast day and starting at day break, it was going to be a good test of low lighting, and with a rambunctious 3 year old there was to be plenty of room for blurred hands toes and smiles. With our previously blogged about bubble machine we set up shoot on the lower beach in front of Burleigh Heads park. As the onlookers gathered we began the quite entertaining art of chasing after a toddler through the shell encrusted beach. Did I mention “fixed” lens?

If you are a parent then you will know, time is of the essence and you have about 15-30 minutes maximum until your little one has lost interest or is needing a snack, sleep or cuddle. We give our model for today instructions to chase the bubbles, and try and pop them with her bouquet. Simple instructions like “point to the bubbles”, and “can you see the birdie in the sky” help to create an engagement with the scenery that I can capture. We usher through the props and as the fun factor fades we pack up shoot, wave to the onlookers and head home.

Canon 6D, Fixed 50mm USM 1.4f lens, 8.00am – Burleigh Beach

If you are a parent or family member and you have your own DSLR and are taking some notes here are some of the tips –

  • If you have a non professional DSLR (the body and lens cost you less than $1000) there is a good chance you will need to use a flash in low light. Or your bub will end up very dark. Instead of using a full flash use a fill flash or drop your exposure of your flash down a few stops. You don’t want to OVER flash your subject.
  • Because you are using a flash – back up there a little. Avoid the full framed face photos – you might over expose their faces.
  • For no distortion of image, set your zoom or lens to 50mm. At this length you images will be true to what you see.
  • Kids don’t pose. Well not most! You need something to engage them, then stalk them waiting for that smile, giggle or smirk.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to bring a few props. And that is why china invented the dollar store. Some fake flowers, and tiara we didn’t break the bank!
  • You will get blur hand held under 100 shutter speed. Pros 60. If you are going for a very early dawn then I suggest bring a tripod.
  • Because it is low light you may be forced to open your aperture right up. With such a small depth of field this makes it hard to get a running toddler all in focus. If you can – don’t drop below f5.6 if they are running. 100s, F5.6 and use a tripod or flash if you can. This will get you a crisp focused person, with the background nicely blurred.

Keep an eye out for us out-and-about on the Gold Coast, and don’t be afraid to come down and ask us any questions. And if you think you might like to spend an hour with our team and your family for portraits please don’t hesitate to call. We would be happy help – even for a Q&A.

And last but not least – our review on the 6D? Well more so the 50mm fixed lens… Love it. However, be sure you have plenty of back drop with a fixed lens and moving subject. Because it is a bit of work physically moving to fill and compose the image! Staple to any photography kit.